erratic but ardent

— May 28, 2018

😛 I love him sooo much ❤️ SOOOOO DAMN MUCH!!!❤️❤️

— April 22, 2018

My angel ❤️my heart ❤️ my everything ❤️💁🏻‍♀️

Easter — April 2, 2018
— January 24, 2018

Olivia is 15 months and exploring life like crazy. I cant believe how fast and big my little girl is growing. I love her so much! She loves diving to her bed but in the middle of the night she gets up and sleeps in my arms❤️. Omar and I are slowly introducing potty training. It’s bittersweet. She’s a beautiful, independent, sassy, funny, smart girl with such beautiful curly hair! It seriously looks like she got her hair professionally curled. She has an obsession with eating tomatoes, it’s so funny. She’s magic. I love her so much❤️

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My angel my baby love. I love this man so damn muchmy little girl. She’s so amazingOlivia is so beautiful. I can’t believe she’s mine. I’m so in love with hermy two perfect humans❤️I love her so much these two are so silly lol. I love them so stinking much! Micah’s first bday❤️mama went dancing

— December 13, 2017
My little Family ❤️ — October 24, 2017

My little Family ❤️

 My explorerHeart eyesparkthe kiddos❤️best dad❤️1st pony ridemy man😍kats

I can’t believe how beautiful my baby is😍! Olivia started walking at a year old. She runs now lol she loves to explorer and is learning new words everyday. She is Little Miss Smarty Pants no joke. I’m obsessed with my daughter I love her so damn much. My heart lives outside my body. A mothers love is absolute. I love Olivia so much. She’s perfect she’s everything. I love waking up to her every morning. She gives the best slobber kisses❤️. She loves wearing sunglasses 🕶 she’s such a cool girl my baby. Olivia went on her first pony ride and she loved it! It was magical 😭. She and her cousin Micah love climbing the stairs 😂. I love them 😍. Olivia has the best dad in the universe! Omar is the very best. Livy and I both love him so much. My sweet man, my best friend, my rock I love you and Olivia more than life. I fall in love with you more and more everyday, Omar ❤️