• i almost ate a piece of meat! I know I know! haha well I was cooking a steak for my old man and i touch it do see if it was cooked and i cut out a piece and was about to put it in my mouth to see if it was cook, i didn’t crave it or anything so that’s good. but i called my brother so he good taste it.

tomorrow i have SAT testing oh no I’m scared but hopefully God will help me, and give me strength

i always look outside my windows to see what my 3 little weenie dogs are up to but yesterday i saw that my dog Delee dirent come out so I thought she’s probably sleeping but hours went by and  still didn’t come out. so I went to go check and it turns out she was PREGNANT! YES she was pregnant. she had 4 puppies. I know I know how could I have not known. but they are 4 healthy good looking pups.