i have a wedding to go tomorrow. its my cousin i want to go but at the same time no. the dress that im suppose to wear im kinda having second thoughts. its the same one i took to prom. its tight on me, not in the fat way but its suppose to be like that, and my kim kardashian butt shows. not that i dont like it. but its just noticeable especially in that dress. but i do like the dress.

i start school this sunday! i know im so scared but excited at the same time. for the summer ill be sleeping in the dorms! so the county fair is almost here. no good bands this year play which sucks cause you have to wait till next year to see if there will be any good bands. last year i saw Joan Jett and Big Time Rush! Joan Jett has just dope! i love that women. BTR is good looking haha.

so election for California is coming up or it came up already. i dont know. i dont pay attention i only know cause of school. but politics and me dont really go together. its not my thing not my jam.

im going to be 20 next year holy crow thats crazy im old. -__- not cool. but thats life. so im hopeing to get another tattoo very very soon. i want my sleeve done. im super excited! i would love to have tea! hahaImage