havent blog in a while i’ve been so busy with school. im staying in the dorms so its pretty sick. this week is my last. i have meet some pretty tight cool people. that i can call friends. so thats super cool. this saturday is our test (final) i hope i do well! im thinking of joining a sorority my sophomore year in college. so i could put that in my application for grad school. living in dorms is super sick. the food is a million times better than high school but its junk food and my stomach is slowly dieing already. no joke. i have stomach pains constanly. it hurts like crow. school starts in about 3 weeks. i get home this sunday. and my mom,brother, and sister leave to mexico. for about two weeks. im suppose to be doing my essay which i finish but i need some editing so im going to the tutor for help im just waiting for the time to come. um yeah so hahaha.