Well it has been forever since iv’e blog. Many things have happened, I started school couple weeks back. I changed my major to History with a minor in English! So I’m super stoked. I dyed my hair blonde! And I love it! On Sat my friend and I went sandboarding in SandCity it was awesome! But the walk back to the top of the sand hills was awful! I swear I thought I was going to pass out haha. Then on Sun my sister and her boyfriend along with my friend and I went to San Francisco it was awesome we ate at the Cheese Cake Factory it was fancy plus amazing food. The restaurant was on the very top roof of a building, we had a grand view of the city it was awesome! My mama and brother and sister came back from Mexico already. My two weeks of being alone is over. It was nice while it lasted haha, but I did miss then some what. My brithday is in a month :/ that means I’m getting old. I dont mind it, its just….I dont know. I do and I dont mind it. No school today! Its Labor day! But tomorrow yeah from 11-5 with a two hour break. I got a job interview! I’m praying that I get it! I really really want it. God is good and I know that I will be lucky and blessed. I hope you have an amazing day, for I have homework that I put away till the last minute :/ procrastination is not good haha. But its ok because its a beautiful day.