I’m a sucker for so many bands! I love all sorts of music. My Rolling Stones shirt that my pops got me is probably one of my all time favorite shirts. I love The Rolling Stones (The Stones) I’m a big sucker for this kinds of shirts. This is why I’m looking forward for Christmas. Band shirts! Yeah.. Christmas and me, yeah not really (which by the way I’m not a real Christmas person, maybe cause all the shit my family and I have gone through this past years, so Christmas just feels like another day for me. Just more boring because all the stores are closed. The only reason I look forward toward Christmas is that my sister brithday is on Christmas. I in my own way say Happy Birthday to sweet Jesus. So I guess if Charles Dickens had written in that Scrooge had a wife, Dickens probably would have named her Monica. I am erratic, so maybe and hopefully I will like Chritsmas in the future.) who cares. ( Can you say Grinch? lol) Anyway I should probably get going I’m watching Sid and Nancy. Now I could talk about them for hours! I love the Sex Pistols. But that will have to wait ti’ll another post. Good day!