Ciao come stai? Ho molti bene! Che bisogno di studiare Italiano. Ho parlo un po di Italiano. Leggo un poco, e scrivo un po. E una lingua molti interessante, e divertente.

Hello! So as you can see I’m studying Italian, Well I’m learning. It’s such an amazing language. Very interesting and fun to speak as well as reading and writing. Similar to Spanish which helps me A LOT (Latin family)! I’m now looking forward to studying abroad in Italy to learn to speak, read and write in Italian more fluent and better. That will be before I graduate for a fact! Well school is out! Finally! But I have one summer class! poo but oh wells With work and school during the summer it will keep me busy. My family is leaving the country again for the summer. And it’s just my sister and I. So at least with school and work I won’t be alone the whole time like last year. Well yeah that’s pretty much what’s going on. Did I mention I lost my phone. Well I lost my phone like a month and 1/2 ago! yeah haha. I miss my android. I have an iphone now it’s whatever. I just love the camera. Great for pictures. So yup. So that’s what’s has been happening this last month. In a summarized paragraph of course. We will see what this summer holds for me. Probably sunburns! oh no! I’m excited for my sister and I annual summer trip to the beach at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. I always look forward to that! I love the ocean in particular the beach.