I’m a horrible blogger, haven’t blog in months! I’ve had so much shit going on :/ doesn’t even feel like winter break. Needless to say school starts pretty fucking soon. I did not feel any break of sort.
Happy late Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. My baby sister and I painted our faces. She was “Chucky” hahaha. Oh gosh she’s the cutest. All of the photos I posted our mine the obvious with me in it lol, the concert pics was from Arctic Monkeys. The circus came sometime ago, I also got a haircut. And I ripped my biker boots 😦 All the other pictures are from different webpages. I hate Instagram but you do find creative art.
These past days, week or two I have been feeling emotionally down. It truly sucks when you can’t fully be happy. But then who is? I wish I could just focus on one thing which is school. I need to focus on graduating ASAP. I want to leave to valley already. If my old man were here I wouldn’t be on a rocky road. I would have everything sorted out no distractions no nothing. Words cannot express the gratitude I have toward my parents for showing me that my family and my education is everything. Can’t wait till school starts I really like it. I’m also going to start taking EMT courses at school so I could get my EMT-B certificate (really stoked for that) hopefully get a job at the hospital while still working toward respiratory therapy. Then later get into P.A school. I also need to save up money already to study abroad. I was thinking of this fall 2014. I truly don’t care where, as long as it’s out of America. Italy would be nice I would really like to practice my Italian with natives. But my heart will forever desire Africa. At this point anywhere in Africa would be great. As I get older I’ll specify in certain cities.