It has been a long couple weeks. As horrible as it sounds I’m tired of school already. I know I shouldn’t be thinking like this. But it’s true. For the past 2 or 3 years I have been taking summer classes, so I haven’t really had a break. School year around for the past 2-3 years. I’ve been debating whether or not to take summer classes this year. But we will see. Taking classes for both MJC and Stanislaus is a lot of work. But I know it will be worth it when I graduate both schools. Bachelors of Science. Gets me happy thinking about it. Been so tired lately. In need of a good sleep day…make that couple days. OH! I got to see Jake Bugg couple weeks ago at the Fox in Oakland. Pretty awesome. Such a humble young guy. My sister and I went, it was really cool just us two somewhere kinda far. Love that sister of mine so deeply, she’s my best friend too haha. No joke. Just a couple weeks ago I started feeling better. It’s amazing, the feeling of fullness is astonishing.

I was hanging out with my baby (little) sister and her face looked sad, well not necessarily sad but with no expression whatsoever, “I miss dad,” she said. You feel so powerless when it comes to tough situations. But I believe things will get better, I know they will. They are getting better. Love this remarkable family of mine. Our birthday season is over haha. My moms birthday is up next and I don’t know what to get her, it’s always so hard getting your parents presents. A plant? Her green thumb can make a garden out of a single seed.

Went vegan! Really dig it. For every person that goes vegan = 200 animals are saved! We’re not the only living organism out there that want to live. If the animal wasn’t killed humane then we shouldn’t eat it. I would eat meat if I knew that the precious life that was on my plate lived a good life (full life). It is the circle of life. But with that being said the circle of life doesn’t say mistreat/torture an animal. Some people don’t get that humans are animals too. We are just another species put on this planet. Understanding is an essential part of life. Needless to say many people don’t care, they just hear and not comprehend. We as humans will never triumph if we keep that up. But I believe in the people.