Omar and I got our own place about a month ago it’s so comfortable living with the person you truly love and feel so natural with. Now we are just waiting for our baby girls big debut! Gosh I’m so excited. I know every excruciating pain is going to be well worth it. I’m pretty much on maternity leave already, meaning Olivia is almost here! We can’t wait❀️ hurry up time! 

Had a very special surprise from the people I love. Was surprised with an amazing baby shower. Olivia and I feel so loved. Not only were we surprise with one baby shower but two! Another from work. That felt so nice. Olivia will be brought into this world loved by so many.a month or less till my precious Olive is here! My heart can’t wait!Omar graduated last year but attended this years ceremony. Seeing him in his robe was so magical. Love him forever. My little brother isn’t so little anymore. A new life of adulting awaits him lol. I might yell and 60% of the time get mad with him, but because I want him to do his best. I know he can that’s why I’m always on his case lol, cause I love him. Omar and I attending my cousins wedding.2nd baby shower that work threw😊.