erratic but ardent

— May 24, 2017

My love bugs❤ Olivia is 9 months! It’s so crazy how fast time is flying. My baby is getting bigger 😦 Liv is so funny. She loves trying to get into the kitchen cabinets and gets into mamas underwear drawer. The word love doesn’t come close to describe the powerful bond I have with my baby. 

“Lady, if you would just give me the time

You could just leave all of your problems behind. 

You got a past, but that’s in the past

And we all know that you can’t press rewind

I understand we’re all human

I lend you a hand if you wanted mine

Pamper you and stand for you

The man to make everything right.”

Olivia fell asleep early and I had time to listen to music. Something that RARELY happens now.

I use to listen to music 24/7 literally, I miss it. I miss discovering new artist, and new songs. I was listening to a playlist I hadn’t played in years. Omar has stood by me in the worst moments of my life and in the best moment of my life. The word love doesn’t even come close describing my feelings toward him. My soulmate my best friend, my lover, my boo daddy

🏡 — May 4, 2017
— March 16, 2017

My baby daddy who I love madly!my precious nephew who is already 2 months! My baby girl who is already 7 months! Olivia’s baptism is in June and I’m excited ❤. 

— January 20, 2017

Tijuana airport 
5months and still breastfeeding ❤

My doll😘

Tia Tania ❤

My perfect beautiful little family ❤😍😘

Those cheeks😍
Loves of my life ❤

Tia Yarah❤

— October 1, 2016

Being a mom to a newborn means being in your bra constantly, and being near a breast pump all the time. I love my kiddo so damn much. I love my little family unconditionally❤️👪 Normalise breastfeeding! 💪🏼👍🏼there is absolutely nothing wrong with breastfeeding and showing society it’s normal. What’s not normal is bashing what is natural, benifical, loving, and nurture. I am feeding my daughter the way God and Mother Nature intended it to be. It’s sad how society associates  breastfeeding with something sexual. People who think breastfeeding is something sexual need to get their brains checked out.
I am convince my daughter is an angel❤️

💖❤️the two love of my life. There is no love like the love of your new family. People don’t know love until you are willing to do everything and anything for the new family you have created. There is a love between a parent and a child people should envy. The love you have for your partner grows to an unbelievable force that one never thought existed but it does. A person has no clue what love is until they have a child with the person they love. 

My baby girl one month already Her Tia loves her!Always smiling in her sleep💖Look at those chunky cheeks! I love my baby girl!