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My little Family ❤️ — October 24, 2017

My little Family ❤️

 My explorerHeart eyesparkthe kiddos❤️best dad❤️1st pony ridemy man😍kats

I can’t believe how beautiful my baby is😍! Olivia started walking at a year old. She runs now lol she loves to explorer and is learning new words everyday. She is Little Miss Smarty Pants no joke. I’m obsessed with my daughter I love her so damn much. My heart lives outside my body. A mothers love is absolute. I love Olivia so much. She’s perfect she’s everything. I love waking up to her every morning. She gives the best slobber kisses❤️. She loves wearing sunglasses 🕶 she’s such a cool girl my baby. Olivia went on her first pony ride and she loved it! It was magical 😭. She and her cousin Micah love climbing the stairs 😂. I love them 😍. Olivia has the best dad in the universe! Omar is the very best. Livy and I both love him so much. My sweet man, my best friend, my rock I love you and Olivia more than life. I fall in love with you more and more everyday, Omar ❤️ 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIVY!!!❤❤❤ — August 16, 2017


My Livy is one already! How time flys by so fast! I love her more than words could ever explain more than all the forces in the universe. Omar and I are proud parents. My magical baby ❤ 

 Olivia loves her bday present ❤

❤ — August 8, 2017

Look at my baby. She’s so damn beautiful. Already going to be one in a week 😦 she’s getting so big already. I miss her swimming in my belly. It’s unreal how much Omar and I love her. She’s perfect. Omar and Olivia are perfect ❤
 Mama had a drinking night With friends 

 Our little love bug that we created ❤Olivia loves being on the go and loves to play with mamas makeup loves to dance. Her favorite book is “Marvin K Mooney Will you Please go Now!” Loves her Zoomer dog. Absolutely loves all her vegggies and fruits, she also goes to sleep real early lol so proud of my doll❤

:) — July 16, 2017


Omar and I went to Great Americanand had a blast! I 😍 him! 🤤Olivia loves going in the pool but she’s getting a tan now! Lol
 My baby is so beautiful it’s unreal❤
 The two loves of my life❤
 The kiddos ❤

 Olivia’s first time at the fair ❤. Last time we were here she was in mamas belly❤😭
 The kids first 4th ❤ 

 My baby❤

— June 15, 2017

 My baby had her baptism already ❤Olivia is so beautiful. How the hell did I make such a beautiful angel? I love her more and more everyday. I’m so in love with my little family. Omar makes me the happiest woman in the planet. Olivia and Omar are magic❤. How did I ever get so lucky?

 My lovely parents ❤

— May 24, 2017

My love bugs❤ Olivia is 9 months! It’s so crazy how fast time is flying. My baby is getting bigger 😦 Liv is so funny. She loves trying to get into the kitchen cabinets and gets into mamas underwear drawer. The word love doesn’t come close to describe the powerful bond I have with my baby. 

“Lady, if you would just give me the time

You could just leave all of your problems behind. 

You got a past, but that’s in the past

And we all know that you can’t press rewind

I understand we’re all human

I lend you a hand if you wanted mine

Pamper you and stand for you

The man to make everything right.”

Olivia fell asleep early and I had time to listen to music. Something that RARELY happens now.

I use to listen to music 24/7 literally, I miss it. I miss discovering new artist, and new songs. I was listening to a playlist I hadn’t played in years. Omar has stood by me in the worst moments of my life and in the best moment of my life. The word love doesn’t even come close describing my feelings toward him. My soulmate my best friend, my lover, my boo daddy